Friday, June 29, 2012

Weather or not....

The weather this week has been extremely varied with no two days the same. Monday was a beautiful blue sky day and as we relaxed in the lounge we saw a yacht with red sails glide by the window. We strolled down to the beach and sat in the sunshine and watched as the red yacht tacked up to Urquhart Castle and then further on to Inverness and beyond to who knows where.
The rest of the week produced dull overcast weather with showers interrupted by sunny spells,very low cloud emerging down The Great Glen and finally culminated in a spectacular thunder and lightening storm. Today is bright and breezy with an unusually warm night to come.....never boring here at Loch Ness. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lots going on in the garden.

June is a always a good month for wildlife watchers in the garden. There are plenty of birds about and, along with the hoards of brightly coloured and noisy green siskins, there is a new influx of goldfinches and greenfinches. Collectively they are known as a 'charm of finches' which always sounds rather ....charming ! The juvenile robins are now appearing in their scruffy speckled coats along with young fluffy blue tits and juvenile great tits who are often accompanied by a parent. The blackbird chicks in a nearby nest have fledged but the father comes to gorge at the bird table and flies off with a beakful of food for his offspring.
The young red squirrels run around the garden over all the ornaments and up and down the feeders usually falling off things in their excitement of life. They do stop now and again for a refreshing drink before they race off again. 
The older squirrels have been quite bold and often have to be chased out of the garage.  This one was spotted taking a mouthful of peanuts from the feeders, running along the patio and then then burying them in the azalea bush ...just hope he remembers where they are when they are needed.

Friday, June 15, 2012

New 'Jacobite Warrier' ship on Loch Ness

 New cruise ship giant on Loch Ness By Jenna MacCulloch as printed in the  'Highland News'.

The new Jacobite Warrior made its maiden voyage yesterday when INVERNESS-based Jacobite cruises saw the launch of their largest ship to date - which is equipped to carry up to 1,500 tourists per day.
The new Jacobite Warrior cruise ship represents a £1 million investment into the existing fleet and is the largest loch-based cruiser in Scotland.
It took it’s maiden voyage to the world-famous Urquhart Castle yesterday morning. On board, two battling Jacobeans re-enacted a historic battle for tourists from around the world who enjoyed the entertainment.
Freda Newton, owner of Jacobite Cruises, said: "The Jacobite Warrior joins our fleet of three cruise ships with the ability to carry over 250 passengers in comfort. She is more twice the size of any other cruise boat on the Loch and we believe the first catamaran on the water here."This investment will allow us to provide a magical Loch Ness experience for up to 1,500 tourists on the Warrior every day, in addition to 900 each day between the Jacobite Queen and Jacobite Legend. In the last few years we’ve seen numbers surge, particularly from groups from China, Brazil and Russia."The legend of Loch Ness is famous all over the world and most visitors to the Highlands are keen to experience the magic."
The new boat has travelled all the way from Brittany in France, stopping at Milford Haven in Wales and Bangor in Northern Ireland on the way. She then had a complete makeover in Corpach before arriving in the Caledonian Canal. Jacobite refitted her with a bar, luxury seating, viewing deck and state-of-the-art tour guide audio system that allows passengers to listen to tales of Nessie sightings and Loch Ness’s history, backed up by printed leaflets in ten languages.
Mike Cantlay, Chairman of VisitScotland, said: "The launch of the Jacobite Warrior is fantastic news for the Highlands of Scotland and will help encourage even more visitors to this wonderful part of Scotland. The Highlands of Scotland offers unrivalled scenery, great visitor attractions and quality accommodation and this latest addition to the area’s attractions portfolio is a welcome investment into tourism which is essential to economies of both the Highlands and Scotland."

Monday, June 11, 2012

A trip on the RIB on Loch Ness

Our friends took their family out on a special birthday trip aboard the Loch Ness RIB [Rigid Inflatable Boat] which travels from Fort Augustus to Urquhart Casle and back as well as other trips. The driver kindly drove the fast speeding RIB over to our side of the loch and we were able to take some photos and a video from our house as they whizzed by and performed a circular detour just for fun. Many guests staying in Aspenwood Cottage have been on this trip and say it is extremely exciting. Check out more info on the RIB.

Friday, June 08, 2012

Bring on the boats.

An overcast damp morning but it was suddenly brightened by a low rainbow arcing over Loch Ness. There have been more boats of all shapes and sizes appearing on the loch and enjoying life out on the water.The weather has been pleasantly changeable.  

Monday, June 04, 2012

A calm morning on Loch Ness

We enjoyed watching the Jubilee Celebrations on the River Thames yesterday and felt a little guilty that we had sunshine and blue skies while it poured with rain elsewhere.
This morning it was very calm on Loch Ness and the reflection was wonderful...enjoy.