Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blooming Bluebells

The primroses are still in flower and are in competition with the blooming bluebells displaying a colourful scene along the woodland tracks and roadside verges. Wild flowers push their heads up through the grass and delicate blossoms suddenly burst in to flower on the trees. The hot weather has subsided and we now have a welcome cooler spell with the odd shower of rain and morning mist.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Glorious week and more on the way.

We have experienced a really glorious week which has made up for the rather chilly start to May. Made the most of it and often strolled down to enjoy relaxing on Loch Ness beach nearby and watching the water sparkle like jewels in the sunshine. The chairs we placed on the beach have been used alot by passing walkers who often show their appreciation by a 'thumbs up' sign as we wave them on their way. We are looking forward to a great weekend.

Monday, May 21, 2012

MAY the sun shine for you too..

The sun is shining and we are enjoying sitting outside in the warm weather.
In the early morning, before the boats disturb the stillness of Loch Ness, there are amazing reflections and patterns on the water caused by a gentle breeze.
The RIB [Rigid Inflatable Boat]is back in business and whizzes past the house at various times during the day full of very excitable passengers travelling along the loch between Fort Augustus to Urquhart Castle and back.Several guests have been on this trip and report that it is extremely exhilarating to say the least and that they can't wait to go again !

Friday, May 18, 2012

Sailing boats and snow.

The weather is usually much kinder for the month of May but, although it is cold enough for snow to lay on the mountains opposite, it is still beautiful. Despite the disappointing temperature there are more boats out on Loch Ness now and the plants in the tubs are blooming. The baby siskins are plentiful and very verbal in the mornings.They do enable you to get quite close to them as they innocently sit stunned by the world around them.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Siskins,Swallows and Squirrels

A rather wet week with chilly temperatures at night producing snow to lay on the mountain tops opposite which is very unusual for the month of May. The birds have been busy nesting with not many females of the species spotted at the feeders. The siskins have arrived to breed and the colourful bright green males are more visible than the rather duller coloured females who must be very busy in the nests. 
A pair of early swallows have been zooming around in front of the house and over Loch Ness searching for insects hovering over the water.
The red squirrels are beginning to breed and one or two youngsters have been spotted dashing about and playing with each other. Naturally they are not so agile yet as the adults and easily fall off simple obstacles in the garden and find climbing up to the bird table a real challenge. The adult male squirrels leap on to the bird table in spectacular fashion, take their time to eat their food and then take a mouthful of nuts back to the waiting females on their nearby dreys....lots of new life going on in the forest.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Beautiful weather in the Highlands

A family of three Roe Deer often appear on the driveway out of Farigaig forest and casually amble over to the grassy bank where they can dine in peace. Yesterday they suddenly looked up and rapidly bolted along in front of the house and we wondered what had spooked them as we could not see anything in sight that might have upset them. However, a full minute later, a neighbour came in to view along the forest track with her dogs, proving that these wild creatures have extremely acute hearing and so much better than ours.
This morning we had a very thick white haar mist which made it impossible to see anything at all out of the windows. By late morning however this mist had descended down into Loch Ness leaving a clear blue sky in its place.
We have been very fortunate with the weather this week compared to other parts of the UK and, although the temperature has been in single figures with a slight frost at night, the sky has been cloudless and a beautiful shade of blue which is reflected in Loch Ness.