Thursday, August 28, 2014

Night prowlers.

There is an abundance of wildlife to be seen during the day time in the area around Loch Ness. However, there are more elusive creatures who venture out in the dusk and dark. A large Badger sett is in Farigaig Forest at Inverfarigaig  and the youngsters often appear near to cottages in the area scooping up any left over bird food on the ground. Although they look quite fearsome creatures their favourite meal is earthworms which they dig up with their long, sharp claws. More interesting facts about badgers.

The Pine Marten can also be seen in gardens at night and they often set the outside security lights off in this cottage in the next village. This youngster had the cheek to climb up the steps to the front door of the cottage, have a good look in the glass panel of the door but then frightened itself and ran off to join an adult nearby in the forest.  Pine Martens can be quite vicious if cornered and are one of the few mammals who are able to chase and catch red squirrels in the tree canopy of the forest.
Amazing how the spotlights are reflected in their eyes.
For more facts about Pine Martens. See more action in our video gallery clips.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Highland cattle keep an eye on Camerons Tea Room

Experience the welcoming home cooked food in Camerons Tea Room located in the village of Foyers in the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Browse in the Farm Shop for produce and locally made gifts. Sit and relax by the wood burning fire as you enjoy your refreshments. Walk up to the Falls of Foyers and see the impressive waterfall cascading down into Loch Ness. However,the main attraction is usually the Highland Cattle on the farm who often amble over to check out the visitors sitting outside the Tea Room.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Panda in Edinburgh Zoo expecting ?

The female panda in Edinburgh zoo named Tian Tian is believed to be pregnant and could have a cub by the end of this month. Artificial Insemination was carried out on April 13th after she failed to mate with her potential partner Yang Guang and scientists have been monitoring the female panda ever since and gave a strong indication that the procedure was successful. Two Chinese experts will fly in next week to help monitor the female animal and the birth date is likely to be at the end of August [28th or 29th]. Viewing for the panda enclosure has now been restricted due to this good news and enabling privacy and a stress free time. Edinburgh Zoo is a very good visit and about 3 hours away from Camerons Cottage.....a good visit before or after your stay at the cottage.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Camerons Tea Room is buzzing

The Camerons Tea Room and Farm Shop has been very busy with business increasing as the word spreads. There had been an article and advert in the local magazine 'The Boleskine Bulletin' with the headline 'New shop opens in Foyers' - first for over 100 years. There is also an article due in a couple of newspapers soon with photographs. There have been good visitor numbers this year to the area with many people taking a drive around Loch Ness and stopping at Camerons Tea Room for a relaxing,welcoming break.It is also proving very popular with guests staying in nearby Camerons Cottage as who wants to cook on holiday !
The last few weeks have been particularly beautiful with clear blue skies and warm,balmy weather, just perfect for people to sit out on the decking or at the picnic benches around the building.It has encouraged cyclists to stop, rest and refresh themselves and also it is very welcoming for dog owners as there is always a fresh bowl of cold water for the dogs.
Morag Cameron with daughters Verity & Ishy

Morag Cameron works very hard to ensure every visitor is well catered for and that the produce offered is always freshly baked and well cooked. The food is always of a high standard and attractively presented.
Sometimes the stars of the show seem to be the Camerons herd of pedigree Highland Cattle which come to drink and bathe in the large natural pond by the decking. They are a real attraction and after stopping for a photo shoot refreshments are very much appreciated.