Thursday, November 21, 2013

Squirrels getting ready for winter

The weather has been a lot colder this week with a dusting of snow settling on the mountains around Loch Ness and also on lower ground for a short while. The native red squirrels in the surrounding woodlands are preparing for the cold winter weather ahead. The red squirrel sheds its coat twice a year, switching from a thinner summer coat to a thicker, darker winter coat for extra warmth. At this time of year the red squirrels also displays striking ear tufts - a prominent distinguishing feature of this species - which can be between 2 – 3.5 cms long and give them their appealing appearance.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Highland cattle on your doorstep.

While staying at Camerons Cottage in the Highlands take full advantage of the unique area surrounding you. Sit outside at the table and chairs provided and watch the herd of Highland cattle drink from the nearby pond and feed on the lush grass. They are curious about you as well and will often come very close to the cottage fence!