Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tollie Red Kites

About one hours relaxing drive from Camerons Cottage on the way to Dingwall and just off the main A835 Ullapool road is the RSPB Tollie Red Kite Centre. It is well signposted. Here you can watch the red kites -with their stunning forked tail - being fed daily and perform in the skies above. Great for photo shoots but a steady hand is needed as they do not stop and pose. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Osprey over Loch Ness

 An osprey was spotted flying over Loch Ness in the early evening possibly heading back to its nest. It dived into the water but came up with no fish this time. Amazing to watch as it hovers gracefully in the sky waiting for the right moment to dive and impossible to miss with its 5ft wing span silhouetted against the sky.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

New life in the woods.

After a quiet period in the woods and garden feeders all the youngsters seemed to have fledged at once, making a lot of noise and mess. They do enjoy the bird bath and splash about like young children at the seaside.
It seems no coincidence that they choose the longest day - with longest daylight hours - to suddenly appear and feed non stop.
                                                     Juvenile male bullfinch with dad                                      

                                                                young thrush 

                                                           roe deer with fawn

                                                   young red squirrel with parent 

                                                          ducklings near Dores beach

young blue tit being fed

 juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker