Tuesday, May 13, 2014

'The Camerons Tea Room and Farm Shop' opening soon.........

All the Camerons worked very hard at the weekend to get the Tea Room and Farm Shop almost ready to open for business. Advertising banners have now been printed and are ready to be placed in situ.
Three specially commissioned light units made from Red Deer Stags antlers are now lighting up the Tea Room area and look fantastic.
The local signwriter has been very busy inside and outside the Tea Room.
There is plenty of relaxed seating at various tables and a comfy cosy couch with coffee table by the large picture window.
The shop area is starting to be well stocked with food provisions as well as local crafts.

Fridge and freezers are soon to be installed for cold and chilled products.
Various colourful paintings and prints by local artists are on display.
The Tea Room and Farm Shop is just a short pleasant stroll for guests who are staying at Camerons Holiday Cottage.