Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Roe deer

 The mother roe deer and her fawn are frequent visitors to the grassy bank leading down to Loch Ness. After the rain of late the vegetation must be very succulent, certainly the youngster seems to be enjoying its taste of wet grass.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Roe deer visitors

This week we have had a family of roe deer come to visit, a male with antlers and a female with their fawn which must have been between two to three months old.The roe deer are one of Britain's native species and are most widespread especially in Scotland.The family have been happily munching on the grass on the front bank and I did manage to take some photos earlier in the week. Yesterday evening they were further along the bank opposite the front door which I carefully opened camera at the ready. We've recently had a new glass panelled front door put in which is very quiet to open - no more squeaky hinges. Just as the mother was licking her fawn and the camera was poised for a cracking shot the phone rang and they all sped off freaked out by the noise....and it wasn't even an important call after all.

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