Thursday, May 21, 2009

Deer, Dores and ducks.

All this week we have been pleasantly surprised to watch a pair of young deer, male and female, amble up the sunlit path from Loch Ness beach in the cool of the evening. No doubt they have been enjoying a drink or a paddle. They stop to munch on the grass every now and then before exchanging glances with us and heading off into Farigaig Forest. After a trip into Inverness yesterday we came home and parked at Dores beach to feed the many ducks that congregate there. Throwing the bread against the strong breeze blowing down the Great Glen was a real challenge although the ducks put everything into the game and managed to find their lunch. Lots of white water waves slapping noisily onto the beach although it was bright and warm. The village of Dores always has swarms of swallows zooming overhead at this time of the year, no doubt nesting in the farm buildings and the old mill.

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