Friday, May 08, 2009

That was the week that was.....

The week started off with warm pleasant sunshine which encouraged the wildlife to show. The male pheasant has been proudly escorting his two females about although neither seem exactly excited at his presence and preferred eating. Flocks of siskins on all the feeders and neighbours reported sighting of a pair of redpolls in their garden. These colourful birds, with a bright red forehead and black chin, often flock with siskins and inhabit coniferous woodland. Will have to keep a look out for them. The red squirrels appear on the feeders throughout the day and we enjoy watching their antics. Unfortunately all this tempting bird life attracts the predatory fast-flying sparrowhawk. This hawk relies on a surprise attack although its prey, usually finches, often manages to escape to live another day. The male is now hunting on its own while the female is on the nest.

The weather changed towards the end of the week and we experienced overcast skies followed by very gusty westerly winds accompanied by lashing rain. It was quite chilly during the day and in the morning we woke to see snow on the mountain peaks opposite. A beautiful rainbow shone over the loch this morning and the snowy peaks can be seen just to the left of the colourful arc. The good news is that temperatures will rise next week and the sun will shine again.
The rain no doubt has been welcomed by all the plants as it has been very dry lately. The wild primroses are still blooming along the grass verges and on the forest floor and now a carpet of wild bluebells are beginning to appear. The brighly coloured rhododendrons are a cheerful sight whatever the weather.

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